Handicap System

If a line has to play opponents with a total NTRP difference of 1 or 1.5 points, (example a 7.0 vs 8.0 or 8.5 team) the weak team will start with a point of advantage each game.
The strong team starts serving at 0 - 15 and the weak team will serve at 15 - 0.

If the total difference is 2 points or more, then the weak team will have 2 points advantage for each game.
The strong team starts serving 0 - 30 and weak team serves 30 - 0.

Score Card Handicap
The score card has 2 extra columns where the captain will record the players' sum of NTRP to have it ready at the exchange of lineups and determine which lines should have a handicap.

In theory, with the flighting system and bonus points per line, there should not be these big differences of combined NTRP, but if it happens, this system could bring some sense of fairness to each match.

Notice there is no handicap when the difference is just .5.

There are no handicap points during any tie breaker.

Captains should agree at the line-up exchange which lines will use the handicap system. No complaints or protests after the match is over. If players forgot to apply it during one game, the score stands as played. Just continue as normal and apply it at the next game. Once the match is over there are no changes or protests about it.