Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I register on the first round for 2 teams if they are at different levels?

  • Since TCT uses a "flighting" system rather than dividing teams by 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, the teams in each flight cannot be determined until most of the players have registered and teams have at least the minimum number of players.  

    The ratings of the players registered as of June 30 are totaled for each team, and their average is calculated.  Players cannot register for 2 teams within the same league since those 2 teams might be placed in the same flight.  

    Players should register by June 30 for the team for which they most want to play, in case their 2nd-choice team is put in the same flight as their 1st-choice team during the flighting process.  

    If the two teams are NOT put in the same flight, the player may register for the 2nd-choice team between July 5 and July 22 as long as the player's rating does not change the team's average to go above or below the highest and lowest average teams in the flight.  The player cannot cause the team to exceed the maximum number of players allowed, which is 20 for mixed, adult women and men's; 16 for senior teams.

    It is recommended that a player's 1st-choice team be the team whose average rating is expected to be closer to the player's actual rating - usually the team with a lower average rating.  If, for example, a 3.0 player wishes to play on a mostly-3.0 team and a mostly-3.5 team, but registers first for the mostly-3.5 team.  That player's 3.0 rating lowers the original average of that team, which is used to determine flighting.  Therefore, it makes that team's original average closer to the mostly-3.0 teams' averages, and increases the chance that the higher-average team will be placed in the same flight with the lower-average team which the player also wants to play on.

  • What if we allow the player to sign for both teams and the teams end up in the same flight ? then we will have to delete the player from one team but it will affect the overall average of the team to probably knock it out of the flight, but the flight was counting with that team! The schedules will probably be done and it will become a complete nightmare.

What if a player does not have a USTA NTRP rating?

  • All players must use their CURRENT NTRP rating if available or last known if stopped playing for a while.
  • In absence of a USTA rating, players should follow USTA guidelines for self rating
  • It is not required to become a USTA Member to play TCT