Supporting and Encouraging Competitive and Recreational
Tennis at all levels.

Serving the Tulsa area since 1992

Since 1992, TCT has provided a recreational yet competitive fall league with opportunities to combine unequal NTRP levels for team competition.

Led by volunteers, the league organizes women’s, men’s, mixed and seniors’ leagues.

In 2016, the league consisted of 133 teams: 58 women’s teams, 22 men’s teams, 35 mixed teams, 12 women’s senior teams, and 6 men’s senior teams. Using 10 different facilities, the over 1,300 members played 555 matches in 2016.

A banquet in November concludes the season.

The Process:

  • Teams are formed from local facilities. The captain register the team online.
  • First round of registrations: Players register for 1 team per division: Adult, Seniors, Mixed
  • At the end of first round of registrations, usually June 30th, each team must have a minimum number of players registered. 10 for adults, 8 for seniors and mixed
  • The USTA ratings of the players registered, determine the average NTRP rating of the team.
  • The Placement Coordinator groups teams in different flights according to their average rating
  • Second round of registrations. Players can sign up to extra teams in separate flights if their addition keeps the team average within range.
  • Playing
  • End of Season Banquet

Playing Times

  • TCT matches are played between August 1st and October 31st

  • Adult Women Mon - Thurs,  6:00 pm thru 8:00 pm

  • Adult Men  Mon - Thurs,  6:00 pm  thru 8:00 pm(possible matches on Saturday afternoon 2 pm thru 6:00 pm)

  • Mixed  Fri, 6:00 thru 8:00 pm, Sunday 2:00 thru 6:00 pm

  • Seniors Saturday  9:00 am thru 11:00 am, possible matches in Sunday 2:00 pm thru 6:00 pm)