TCT provides a recreational yet competitive fall league with opportunities to combine unequal NTRP levels for team competition.

2016 Season

  • Captains Meeting: Tuesday, June 7th 6:30 PM at The Grand Handout
  • Players Registration
    June 13th - June 30th
    During this period, players can register to


  • On June 30th, each team  must have at least 10 players for adult, 8 players for mixed and seniors.
  • Maximum number of players is 20 per adult and mixed teams. 16 for seniors.
  • Handicap System for small divisions
  • Teams are divided in flights according to their NTRP average. Flights will be published on July 5th.
  • Players may register for additional teams on the same division but different flights July 6 - 24, only if the team NTRP average stays below the upper limit of the flight.
  • Registration cost per player per team: $16
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